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South Goa Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under South Goa district, Goa
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
A.P.Dabolim S.OSouth Goa403801
A.P.Terminal S.OSouth Goa403801
Agapur Adpoi B.OSouth Goa403401
Agonda B.OSouth Goa403702
Ambaulim B.OSouth Goa403705
Ambelim B.OSouth Goa403723
Amona B.OSouth Goa403107
Aquem S.OSouth Goa403601
Assolda B.OSouth Goa403714
Assolna S.OSouth Goa403701
Avedem B.OSouth Goa403705
Baina S.OSouth Goa403802
Balli B.OSouth Goa403703
Banastrim B.OSouth Goa403107
Bandora B.OSouth Goa403401
Barcem B.OSouth Goa403703
Bati B.OSouth Goa403704
Benaulim S.OSouth Goa403716
Betalbhatim B.OSouth Goa403713
Betora B.OSouth Goa403401
Betora I.E. S.OSouth Goa403409
Betul B.OSouth Goa403723
Bhatpal B.OSouth Goa403702
Bogmalo S.OSouth Goa403806
Borim B.OSouth Goa403401
Cacora B.OSouth Goa403706
Calem B.OSouth Goa403704
Camurlim B.OSouth Goa403718
Canacona S.OSouth Goa403702
Cananguinim B.OSouth Goa403703
Cansaulim S.OSouth Goa403712
Carmona S.OSouth Goa403717
Cavelossim S.OSouth Goa403731
Cavorim B.OSouth Goa403714
Chandor S.OSouth Goa403714
Chicalim S.OSouth Goa403711
Chinchinim S.OSouth Goa403715
Cola B.OSouth Goa403702
Collem S.OSouth Goa403410
Colva S.OSouth Goa403708
Cortalim S.OSouth Goa403710
Cotigaon B.OSouth Goa403702
Cuncolim S.OSouth Goa403703
Cundaim I.E. S.OSouth Goa403115
Cundiam B.OSouth Goa403115
Curchorem S.OSouth Goa403706
Curdi B.OSouth Goa403704
Curti B.OSouth Goa403401
Curtorim S.OSouth Goa403709
Davorlim B.OSouth Goa403707
Dramapur S.OSouth Goa403725
Durbhat B.OSouth Goa403401
Farmagudi B.OSouth Goa403401
Fatorda S.OSouth Goa403602
Fatorpa B.OSouth Goa403703
Gandhi Market Complex Margao S.OSouth Goa403601
Gaodongarim B.OSouth Goa403702
Gogol S.OSouth Goa403601
Orlim S.OSouth Goa403724
Palolem B.OSouth Goa403702
Panchwadi B.OSouth Goa403706
Pirla B.OSouth Goa403705
Poinguinim B.OSouth Goa403702
Ponda Camp S.OSouth Goa403401
Priol B.OSouth Goa403404
Quela B.OSouth Goa403401
Quepem S.OSouth Goa403705
Querim B.OSouth Goa403401
Quirlapale B.OSouth Goa403706
Raia S.OSouth Goa403720
Rivona B.OSouth Goa403705
Sada S.OSouth Goa403804
Sadolxem B.OSouth Goa403702
Sancoale B.OSouth Goa403710
Sanguem S.OSouth Goa403704
Sant Estevam S.OSouth Goa403106
Sem-rachol Soso S.OSouth Goa403719
Seraulim B.OSouth Goa403708
Sigao B.OSouth Goa403410
Sirvoi B.OSouth Goa403705
St. Jose De Areal S.OSouth Goa403709
Talaulim B.OSouth Goa403707
Thana B.OSouth Goa403710
Tisca S.OSouth Goa403406
Ugvem B.OSouth Goa403704
Utorda B.OSouth Goa403713
Vaddem S.OSouth Goa403802
Vademnagar S.OSouth Goa403802
Valkini B.OSouth Goa403704
Vanelim B.OSouth Goa403708
Varca S.OSouth Goa403721
Vasco-Da-Gama S.OSouth Goa403802
Velguem B.OSouth Goa403105
Velim S.OSouth Goa403723
Velsao PSSK B.OSouth Goa403712
Verem De Ponda B.OSouth Goa403401
Verna S.OSouth Goa403722
Veroda B.OSouth Goa403703
Xeldem B.OSouth Goa403705
Xelvona B.OSouth Goa403706
Zuarinagar S.OSouth Goa403726

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