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North Goa Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under North Goa district, Goa
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Advalpal B.ONorth Goa403503
Advoi B.ONorth Goa403530
Agarwada B.ONorth Goa403512
Aldona S.ONorth Goa403508
Alto Betim S.ONorth Goa403521
Alto-porvorim S.ONorth Goa403521
Anjuna S.ONorth Goa403509
Arambol S.ONorth Goa403524
Arpora B.ONorth Goa403516
Assagao B.ONorth Goa403507
Assonora S.ONorth Goa403503
Baga B.ONorth Goa403516
Bambolim Camp S.ONorth Goa403201
Bambolim Complex S.ONorth Goa403202
Bastora B.ONorth Goa403507
Batim B.ONorth Goa403108
Betim S.ONorth Goa403101
Betki B.ONorth Goa403107
Bicholim Industrial Estate S.ONorth Goa403529
Bicholim S.ONorth Goa403504
Birondam B.ONorth Goa403506
C.C.Altinho S.ONorth Goa403001
Caisua B.ONorth Goa403509
Calangute S.ONorth Goa403516
Calvim B.ONorth Goa403523
Camurlim B.ONorth Goa403507
Canca B.ONorth Goa403510
Candepar B.ONorth Goa403406
Candolim S.ONorth Goa403515
Cansarvornem B.ONorth Goa403512
Carambolim B.ONorth Goa403110
Caranzalem S.ONorth Goa403002
Carapur B.ONorth Goa403505
Carona S.ONorth Goa403523
Chimbel B.ONorth Goa403006
Chorao S.ONorth Goa403102
Colvale S.ONorth Goa403513
Corgao B.ONorth Goa403512
Corjuim B.ONorth Goa403508
Corlim IE S.ONorth Goa403110
Cotorem B.ONorth Goa403506
Cudne B.ONorth Goa403505
Cumbharjua B.ONorth Goa403107
Curca B.ONorth Goa403108
Dakshin Gangotri B.ONorth Goa403001
Darbandora B.ONorth Goa403406
Dhagalim B.ONorth Goa403513
Dodamarg B.ONorth Goa403503
Fontainhas S.ONorth Goa403001
Goa -velha S.ONorth Goa403108
Goa University S.ONorth Goa403206
Onda I.E. S.ONorth Goa403530
Oxel B.ONorth Goa403517
Ozari B.ONorth Goa403513
Pale S.ONorth Goa403105
Panaji H.ONorth Goa403001
Parra S.ONorth Goa403510
Parxem B.ONorth Goa403512
Penha De France B.ONorth Goa403101
Pernem S.ONorth Goa403512
Piedade S.ONorth Goa403403
Pilar S.O (North Goa)North Goa403203
Pilerne B.ONorth Goa403114
Pilgao B.ONorth Goa403504
Pillem B.ONorth Goa403406
Pirna B.ONorth Goa403513
Pissurlem B.ONorth Goa403530
Pomburpa B.ONorth Goa403523
Ponda S.ONorth Goa403401
Poriem B.ONorth Goa403505
Poroscodem B.ONorth Goa403512
Porvorim S.ONorth Goa403501
Pratapnagar Harvale B.ONorth Goa403505
Querim B.ONorth Goa403524
Qurinpani B.ONorth Goa403524
Reis Magos S.ONorth Goa403114
Revora B.ONorth Goa403513
Ribandar S.ONorth Goa403006
Saipem B.ONorth Goa403515
Salem B.ONorth Goa403503
Saligao S.ONorth Goa403511
Salvador De Mond B.ONorth Goa403101
Sancordem B.ONorth Goa403406
Sangolda B.ONorth Goa403511
Sanquelim S.ONorth Goa403505
Santa Cruz S.ONorth Goa403005
Sanvordem B.ONorth Goa403506
Secretariat S.O (North Goa)North Goa403521
Sem Saligao B.ONorth Goa403511
Shiroda S.O (North Goa)North Goa403103
Sinquerim S.ONorth Goa403515
Siolim S.ONorth Goa403517
Sirgao B.ONorth Goa403503
Siridao B.ONorth Goa403108
Sirsaim B.ONorth Goa403502
St Inez S.ONorth Goa403001
St. Lourence S.ONorth Goa403204
Succour PSSK B.ONorth Goa403501
Surla B.ONorth Goa403505
Tamboxem B.ONorth Goa403512
Tarvalem B.ONorth Goa403103
Thana B.ONorth Goa403506
Tivim Ie S.ONorth Goa403526
Tivim S.ONorth Goa403502
Torxem B.ONorth Goa403512
Tuem B.ONorth Goa403512
Tuem I E B.ONorth Goa403512
Ucassiam B.ONorth Goa403507
Usgao B.ONorth Goa403406
Valpoi S.ONorth Goa403506
Varconda B.ONorth Goa403512
Velguem O B.ONorth Goa403506
Velha-goa S.ONorth Goa403402
Virnora B.ONorth Goa403512

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