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Korba Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Korba district, Chhattisgarh
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Ajgarbahar B.OKorba495684
Akalsara B.OKorba495690
Alluminium Bhawan S.OKorba495684
Amgaon B.OKorba495690
Amlidih B.OKorba495691
Baksahi B.OKorba495449
Balgi Project Korba S.OKorba495455
Bango Dam B.OKorba495453
Banjhiban B.OKorba495445
Banki Mongra S.OKorba495447
Bansital B.OKorba495118
Barpali (J) B.OKorba495674
Barpali (S) B.OKorba495674
Batra B.OKorba495449
Beharchuwa B.OKorba495674
Beladula B.OKorba495690
Beljhiria B.OKorba495118
Beltara B.OKorba495449
Bhairotal B.OKorba495454
Bhaisma S.OKorba495674
Bharridand B.OKorba495118
Bhilaibazar B.OKorba495454
Bhothia B.OKorba495690
Binjhra B.OKorba495445
Birda B.OKorba495446
Boida B.OKorba495446
Bundeli B.OKorba495683
Chachia B.OKorba495674
Chadhedi B.OKorba495118
Chainpur B.OKorba495446
Chaitma B.OKorba495449
Champa B.OKorba495674
Charpara B.OKorba495691
Chhapora B.OKorba495691
Chhuri B.OKorba495450
Chiknipali B.OKorba495674
Chirra B.OKorba495674
Chorbhatti B.OKorba495674
Choria B.OKorba495687
Dadarkala B.OKorba495674
Dadarkhurd B.OKorba495682
Darrabhatha B.OKorba495445
Deepka B.OKorba495452
Durpa B.OKorba495454
Garh Uproda B.OKorba495453
Gerwa B.OKorba495450
Gevra Basti B.OKorba495454
Ghinara B.OKorba495674
Ghiwra B.OKorba495661
Gidhkunwari B.OKorba495674
Godhi B.OKorba495683
Gopalpur B.OKorba495450
Gursia B.OKorba495445
Hardi Bazar S.OKorba495446
Harethikala B.OKorba495661
Hasdeo Project Korba S.OKorba495677
Hasod B.OKorba495661
Jali B.OKorba495449
Jalke B.OKorba495445
Jamnipali S.OKorba495450
Jarwe B.OKorba495674
Jatga B.OKorba495445
Jawali B.OKorba495445
Jevra B.OKorba495446
Jhalraundha B.OKorba495690
Jilga B.OKorba495674
Kachanda B.OKorba495690
Kaitha B.OKorba495661
Kamrid B.OKorba495660
Kanki B.OKorba495446
Kapisda B.OKorba495660
Kapot B.OKorba495449
Karhani B.OKorba495118
Karnaud B.OKorba495660
Kartalachak B.OKorba495674
Kashigarh B.OKorba495690
Katetara B.OKorba495690
Katghora S.OKorba495445
Khajurani B.OKorba495690
Khamharia B.OKorba495446
Khemda B.OKorba495691
Kikirda B.OKorba495661
Korba Colliery S.OKorba495677
Korba H.OKorba495677
Korba Town S.OKorba495678
Korbi B.OKorba495446
Korbi B.OKorba495445
Korkoma B.OKorba495683
Kotmer B.OKorba495674
Kudmura B.OKorba495674
Kudurmal B.OKorba495674
Kurda B.OKorba495691
Kusmunda Colliery S.OKorba495454
Lafa B.OKorba495449
Lakhali B.OKorba495660
Machadoli S.OKorba495453
Madai B.OKorba495445
Madanpur B.OKorba495445
Malda B.OKorba495661
Manikpur Colliery S.OKorba495682
Marghatti B.OKorba495691
Mongra B.OKorba495447
Morga B.OKorba495445
Mudhali B.OKorba495446
Mukta B.OKorba495691
Murli B.OKorba495446
Nariyara B.OKorba495691
Nawapara B.OKorba495691
Nonbirra B.OKorba495674
Nonbirra B.OKorba495449
Nunera B.OKorba495449
Odekera B.OKorba495690
Pachra B.OKorba495445
Pali B.OKorba495445
Pali S.O (Korba)Korba495449
Pandania B.OKorba495454
Pantora B.OKorba495446
Parasi B.OKorba495118
Parsada B.OKorba495661
Pasarkhet B.OKorba495683
Patpara B.OKorba495449
Pendri B.OKorba495661
Pidia B.OKorba495674
Pihrid B.OKorba495691
Pirda B.OKorba495691
Pondilafa B.OKorba495449
Pondishankar B.OKorba495660
Pondiuproda B.OKorba495445
Pragati Nagar S.OKorba495450
Rajgamar Colliery S.OKorba495683
Rajkamma B.OKorba495445
Rampur B.OKorba495674
Ranjana B.OKorba495449
Rewa B.OKorba495445
Risdi B.OKorba495683
Rohda B.OKorba495660
Rumga B.OKorba495118
Salni B.OKorba495690
Saragbundia B.OKorba495674
Sarwani B.OKorba495660
Semardarri B.OKorba495118
Semaria B.OKorba495661
Sendri B.OKorba495690
Sendripali B.OKorba495674
Seoni B.OKorba495118
Shish B.OKorba495449
Siladehi B.OKorba495661
Singhra B.OKorba495691
Sirmina B.OKorba495445
Solwan B.OKorba495674
Sonthi B.OKorba495660
Sutarra B.OKorba495445
Syang B.OKorba495674
Taldeori B.OKorba495661
Tanakhar B.OKorba495445
Tarod B.OKorba495446
Thathari B.OKorba495690
Tilkeja B.OKorba495674
Tiwarta B.OKorba495449
Tuman B.OKorba495445
Tuman B.OKorba495674
Tusar B.OKorba495690
Usad B.OKorba495118
Utarda B.OKorba495446
Vidyut Nagar Korba S.OKorba495450
Vikas Bhawan S.OKorba495450
Wcl Gevra Project S.OKorba495452

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