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Sheohar Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Sheohar district, Bihar
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Adauri B.OSheohar843334
B Jagjiwan B.OSheohar843334
Bhatahan B.OSheohar843329
Bhorahan B.OSheohar843329
Chakfateha B.OSheohar843334
Chimanpur B.OSheohar843329
D. Katasari B.OSheohar843329
Dhankaul B.OSheohar843325
Fatahapur B.OSheohar843329
Fulkahan B.OSheohar843317
Garhwa B.OSheohar843334
H. Dumma B.OSheohar843329
Harnahiya B.OSheohar843329
Hiramma B.OSheohar843329
Jahagirpur B.OSheohar843329
K. Motnaje B.OSheohar843316
Kamrauli B.OSheohar843329
Kasturia B.OSheohar843329
Khairwa Darp B.OSheohar843329
Kushahar B.OSheohar843329
M. Chhatta B.OSheohar843329
M. Kararia B.OSheohar843329
Mahuariya B.OSheohar843329
Mathurapur B.OSheohar843329
Pardeshiya B.OSheohar843329
Parrahi B.OSheohar843329
Phulkahan B.OSheohar843329
Piprarhi S.OSheohar843334
Piprathi Punarvas B.OSheohar843313
S. Katsari B.OSheohar843329
Salempur B.OSheohar843329
Sheohar S.OSheohar843329
Shyampur B.OSheohar843329
Tajpur B.OSheohar843329

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