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Saran Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Saran district, Bihar
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Aami B.OSaran841207
Afaur B.OSaran841414
Agauthar B.OSaran841418
Amdarhi B.OSaran841208
Amnour Harnarain B.OSaran841401
Amnour S.OSaran841401
Anjani B.OSaran841219
Anwal B.OSaran841213
Aphar S.OSaran841402
Arbindnagar B.OSaran841221
Ardewa B.OSaran841424
Arna B.OSaran841417
Aruwa B.OSaran841224
Arwa B.OSaran841442
Asahani B.OSaran841204
Ashoknagar B.OSaran841412
Atarsan B.OSaran841204
Atta B.OSaran841418
Awari B.OSaran841418
B.T.Kohra B.OSaran841219
Babhangawa B.OSaran841219
Badar Zamin B.OSaran841224
Badhakol B.OSaran841215
Badlu Tola B.OSaran841414
Bahrauli B.OSaran841417
Baijalpur Keso B.OSaran841101
Bajaiha B.OSaran841221
Baksanda B.OSaran841219
Baldiha B.OSaran841401
Banauta B.OSaran841215
Bangra B.OSaran841205
Baniapur S.OSaran841403
Banpura Bazar B.OSaran841206
Banpura Bazar B.OSaran841212
Bansdila B.OSaran841412
Bansohi B.OSaran841417
Bardahiya B.OSaran841419
Bareja S.O (Saran)Saran841201
Barka Baneya B.OSaran841219
Barua B.OSaran841101
Barwakhurd B.OSaran841205
Barwe B.OSaran841219
Basahi B.OSaran841206
Basant S.OSaran841202
Basantpur Bangla B.OSaran841401
Basti Jalal B.OSaran841221
Bela B.OSaran841221
Belhari B.OSaran841424
Bellour B.OSaran841410
Berui B.OSaran841403
Bhagwan Bazar S.OSaran841301
Bhagwanpur B.OSaran841219
Bhagwatpur B.OSaran841418
Bhainsmara B.OSaran841311
Bhalua Bhikhari B.OSaran841424
Bhaluhi B.OSaran841419
Bharpura B.OSaran841101
Bhatgai B.OSaran841424
Bhatha B.OSaran841215
Bhatha Sonho S.OSaran841460
Bhatkeshri B.OSaran841403
Bhatwalia B.OSaran841214
Bhawalpur B.OSaran841418
Bheldi B.OSaran841402
Bhithi Sahabuddin B.OSaran841411
Bhorahopur B.OSaran841208
Bhorha B.OSaran841424
Bhualpur B.OSaran841415
Bigaha B.OSaran841212
Bishunpura Kala B.OSaran841208
Bodha Chapra B.OSaran841225
Brit Bhagwanpr B.OSaran841410
Chainwa S.OSaran841204
Chakia B.OSaran841410
Chanchaura B.OSaran841414
Chanchaura B.OSaran841204
Chandpurwa B.OSaran841411
Chapra H.OSaran841301
Chatra B.OSaran841213
Cheful B.OSaran841209
Chhapia B.OSaran841417
Chhitraulia B.OSaran841208
Chirand B.OSaran841211
Choranwa B.OSaran841403
D.Sultanpur B.OSaran841202
Dariapur B.OSaran841221
Darihara S.OSaran841247
Daudpur S.O (Saran)Saran841205
Dayalpur S.O (Saran)Saran841206
Deo Bahuara B.OSaran841442
Deopura B.OSaran841212
Deorhi B.OSaran841418
Deoria B.OSaran841301
Dewaria B.OSaran841225
Dhamsar B.OSaran841224
Dhanaw B.OSaran841403
Dhangarha B.OSaran841403
Dharhara Kala B.OSaran841402
Dharmapura B.OSaran841201
Dhelhari B.OSaran841214
Dhenuki B.OSaran841417
Dholahi Kaithal B.OSaran841402
Dhoopnagar Dhobawal B.OSaran841412
Dighwara S.OSaran841207
District Board S.OSaran841301
Dohar B.OSaran841204
Domaigarh B.OSaran841209
Doriganj B.OSaran841211
Dubauli B.OSaran841410
Dumari Balua B.OSaran841216
Dumari Bujurg B.OSaran841217
Dumari Chapia B.OSaran841417
Dumarshan Bangra S.OSaran841410
Dumri B.OSaran841313
Dumri B.OSaran841424
Ekma Chaulk B.OSaran841208
Ekma Nautan B.OSaran841208
Ekma S.OSaran841208
Eksar B.OSaran841204
Enai B.OSaran841301
Fakuli B.OSaran841316
Fatehpur Chain B.OSaran841202
Fherusa B.OSaran841415
Fulwaria Tajpur S.OSaran841209
Fursatpur B.OSaran841222
G.Durgapur B.OSaran841313
G.Mehia B.OSaran841301
G.N.Parshurampur B.OSaran841401
G.Piparpanti B.OSaran841403
G.S.Bangra B.OSaran841412
Gamahria B.OSaran841421
Gariba Tola S.OSaran841312
Garkha S.OSaran841311
Gaura S.O (Saran)Saran841443
Gawandri B.OSaran841418
Gheghta B.OSaran841301
Ghorhat Mathia B.OSaran841313
Gohpur B.OSaran841311
Gola Mubarkpur B.OSaran841209
Gopalpur B.OSaran841217
Goraipur B.OSaran841207
Govindchak B.OSaran841101
Gultenganj S.OSaran841211
H.Karah B.OSaran841403
Hafijzpur B.OSaran841422
Haraji B.OSaran841207
Harihar Kshetra S.OSaran841101
Hariharpur B.OSaran841403
Harpur B.OSaran841208
Hasulahi Dwariya B.OSaran841213
Hushepur B.OSaran841220
Husseepur B.OSaran841419
Inayatpur B.OSaran841205
Ishrauli B.OSaran841419
Ishuwapur S.OSaran841411
Ismela B.OSaran841221
Itawa B.OSaran841202
J.Vishunpura B.OSaran841211
Jagarnathpur B.OSaran841222
Jagdam College S.OSaran841301
Jaithar B.OSaran841417
Jaitipur B.OSaran841207
Jaitpur Bharwalia B.OSaran841205
Jalalpur Bazar S.OSaran841412
Jamanpura B.OSaran841201
Jayee Chapra B.OSaran841209
Jhakhra B.OSaran841418
Jhaua B.OSaran841216
Jigna Parsa B.OSaran841305
Jogia S.OSaran841212
K.Manohar B.OSaran841403
K.P.Rampur B.OSaran841211
Kachnar B.OSaran841214
Kahi B.OSaran841412
Kaituka Nandan B.OSaran841460
Kakaria B.OSaran841414
Kakrahat B.OSaran841222
Kamta B.OSaran841403
Kanar Hariharpur B.OSaran841414
Kans Diara B.OSaran841216
Karahi B.OSaran841220
Karanpura B.OSaran841418
Katsa B.OSaran841311
Kawalpura B.OSaran841417
Kerwa B.OSaran841411
Keshri Mathia B.OSaran841220
Kewani B.OSaran841311
Khabsi B.OSaran841443
Khaira S.O (Saran)Saran841414
Khairwar B.OSaran841214
Khajuhatti B.OSaran841209
Khalpura B.OSaran841211
Khanpur B.OSaran841207
Khanpur B.OSaran841208
Khardahiya B.OSaran841205
Kharika B.OSaran841101
Khodaibagh S.OSaran841415
Kishunpur B.OSaran841412
Kohra B.OSaran841205
Kolhua B.OSaran841422
Kopa Bazar S.OSaran841214
Kopa Samhota S.OSaran841213
Koreya B.OSaran841218
Kotheya B.OSaran841412
Kotheya B.OSaran841216
Kudarbadha B.OSaran841202
Kumna B.OSaran841205
Lachhi Kaituka B.OSaran841460
Lahladpur B.OSaran841224
Late Rahiya B.OSaran841219
Lauwa B.OSaran841424
Lauwa Kala B.OSaran841403
Lejuar B.OSaran841205
Lohatola B.OSaran841301
M.Kuari B.OSaran841219
Madansath B.OSaran841201
Madarpur B.OSaran841422
Madarpur B.OSaran841311
Madhopur B.OSaran841415
Magaidih B.OSaran841301
Mahamda B.OSaran841301
Majhanpura B.OSaran841305
Majlishpur B.OSaran841213
Maker S.OSaran841215
Malkhachak B.OSaran841207
Mane B.OSaran841205
Mangolapur B.OSaran841412
Manikpura B.OSaran841206
Manikpura B.OSaran841220
Manjhi S.OSaran841313
Manpur B.OSaran841414
Manupur B.OSaran841207
Marar B.OSaran841219
Marhowrah H.OSaran841418
Maricha B.OSaran841411
Masrakh S.OSaran841417
Masti Chak B.OSaran841219
Matiyar B.OSaran841209
Mauna S.OSaran841301
Meera Mushehri B.OSaran841414
Mehrauli B.OSaran841211
Methwalia B.OSaran841301
Mirjapur Zuara B.OSaran841216
Mirzapur Khurd Lauwa B.OSaran841403
Mirzapur S.O (Saran)Saran841419
Mohamadpur S.OSaran841223
Mohammadpur B.OSaran841311
Moreya B.OSaran841424
Mothaha B.OSaran841442
Mubarakpur B.OSaran841415
Mujauna B.OSaran841207
Mukrera B.OSaran841301
Murarpur B.OSaran841403
Mushehri B.OSaran841414
Nachap B.OSaran841208
Nagdiha B.OSaran841403
Nagra S.O (Saran)Saran841442
Naini S.O (Saran)Saran841316
Nandpur B.OSaran841313
Naraon S.OSaran841216
Narayanpur B.OSaran841401
Narharpur B.OSaran841443
Narpaliya B.OSaran841301
Narwan B.OSaran841223
Nautan B.OSaran841401
Nawada B.OSaran841412
Nawada B.OSaran841417
Nayagaon S.OSaran841217
Nstwar Semaria B.OSaran841214
Olahanpur B.OSaran841415
P.B.Chapra B.OSaran841401
Pachlakh B.OSaran841402
Pachraur B.OSaran841424
Pachrukhi B.OSaran841402
Pachua B.OSaran841220
Paharpur B.OSaran841301
Pahleza Barka B.OSaran841101
Paiga S.OSaran841218
Pakari B.OSaran841417
Pakri Mohamdpur B.OSaran841218
Panditpur S.OSaran841224
Parauna B.OSaran841424
Parmanandpur B.OSaran841101
Parsa S.OSaran841219
Parsagarh S.OSaran841220
Parsajogini B.OSaran841311
Parsauna B.OSaran841219
Patti Sital B.OSaran841222
Phulwaria B.OSaran841460
Piaridih B.OSaran841222
Pipra B.OSaran841422
Pirauna B.OSaran841301
Pirautha B.OSaran841443
Pirmaker B.OSaran841215
Piyarepur B.OSaran841410
Pojhi B.OSaran841219
Pokhrera B.OSaran841424
Pratapur S.O (Saran)Saran841225
Puchhari B.OSaran841403
Puchitikala B.OSaran841206
Puraina B.OSaran841401
Purushottampur Nazirganj B.OSaran841224
Purwari Telpa S.OSaran841302
Rahampur B.OSaran841202
Rahimpur B.OSaran841101
Rajendra College S.O (Saran)Saran841301
Ram Chaura B.OSaran841411
Ramgarha B.OSaran841202
Rampur Atauli B.OSaran841421
Rampur B.OSaran841311
Rampur Bindalal B.OSaran841220
Rampur Kala B.OSaran841414
Rampur Khorram B.OSaran841442
Rampur Rudra B.OSaran841424
Rasalpura B.OSaran841211
Rasidpur B.OSaran841415
Rasuali S.OSaran841433
Rasualpur Chatti B.OSaran841204
Rasulpur B.OSaran841419
Revelganj S.OSaran841305
Rewari B.OSaran841213
Rith B.OSaran841208
Russi B.OSaran841205
Sabalpur B.OSaran841101
Sadhpur B.OSaran841415
Safari B.OSaran841208
Sahajitpur S.OSaran841422
Sahar Chapra B.OSaran841219
Sahawa B.OSaran841411
Sahbazadtola B.OSaran841312
Saidpur B.OSaran841216
Saidpur B.OSaran841207
Saidsarai B.OSaran841311
Sakaddi B.OSaran841412
Salempur B.OSaran841411
Salimapur B.OSaran841418
Saraibuksh B.OSaran841311
Saraiya B.OSaran841101
Saraon B.OSaran841212
Saraya B.OSaran841403
Sardha B.OSaran841301
Sareya Basant B.OSaran841418
Sarhwara S.OSaran841421
Sarmi B.OSaran841422
Satjora Bazar B.OSaran841410
Satna B.OSaran841403
Sauri Buxi Zee B.OSaran841412
Semri B.OSaran841421
Senduari B.OSaran841419
Sengar Tola B.OSaran841305
Serampur B.OSaran841460
Sherukaha B.OSaran841417
Shio Mohammadpur B.OSaran841443
Shitalpur Bazar B.OSaran841201
Shyam Kauria B.OSaran841411
Sikarpur B.OSaran841101
Sikati Bhikham B.OSaran841421
Silhauri B.OSaran841418
Sirsia B.OSaran841305
Sisai B.OSaran841422
Sitabdiara B.OSaran841312
Sitalpur S.OSaran841221
Sobhepur B.OSaran841311
Sohai.Sharpur B.OSaran841403
Sonauli B.OSaran841421
Sonepur R.S S.OSaran841101
Sonepur S.O (Saran)Saran841101
Sonia B.OSaran841205
Sutihar S.OSaran841222
T.M.Pal S.OSaran841105
Taraiya S.OSaran841424
Tari B.OSaran841301
Tarwa Pojhia B.OSaran841205
Tarwar B.OSaran841419
Tejpurwa B.OSaran841419
Telcha B.OSaran841224
Terha B.OSaran841418
Tujarpur B.OSaran841442
Unehchak B.OSaran841221
Usari Kala B.OSaran841443
Ushri Chandrapura B.OSaran841424
Ushti B.OSaran841403
Zilkabad B.OSaran841211

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