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Banka Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Banka district, Bihar
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Abhiyudayasharan B.OBanka813101
Ahiro B.OBanka813110
Auria B.OBanka813103
Bagduma S.OBanka813117
Bahrna B.OBanka813207
Baid Pur B.OBanka813221
Baidachak B.OBanka813101
Bairoganj B.OBanka813106
Balia Mahra B.OBanka813103
Baliamehra B.OBanka813102
Bamdev B.OBanka813107
Bank B.OBanka814131
Banka H.OBanka813102
Bara B.OBanka813202
Barabad B.OBanka813211
Barahat S.OBanka813103
Barbasaui B.OBanka813106
Barhara B.OBanka813202
Basbita B.OBanka813221
Basmatta B.OBanka813202
Bauiakura B.OBanka813106
Belarimilki B.OBanka813211
Belhar S.OBanka813202
Belsira B.OBanka813101
Bharko S.OBanka813126
Bhatkund B.OBanka813109
Bhatshila B.OBanka813207
Bhelwa B.OBanka813106
Bhelwa B.OBanka813221
Bhghwa B.OBanka813104
Bhitia B.OBanka813207
Bhojabadar B.OBanka814131
Bhorsar B.OBanka814131
Bhurna S.OBanka813119
Bijaynagar B.OBanka813102
Bindi B.OBanka813109
Bisanpur Bhurbhuri B.OBanka813104
Bishambharchak B.OBanka813101
Bishanpur B.OBanka813207
Bounsi S.OBanka813104
Chalna B.OBanka813110
Chandan S.OBanka814131
Chandedih B.OBanka813109
Chanjeri B.OBanka813109
Charkapathar B.OBanka813106
Chathar Dhaniar B.OBanka813221
Chutia B.OBanka813102
Chutia B.OBanka813211
Chvapaui B.OBanka813104
Dahuwa S.OBanka813128
Danra B.OBanka813102
Dhakamor B.OBanka813103
Dhakamore B.OBanka813102
Dhankuria B.OBanka813207
Dharia S.OBanka813224
Dhuibelari B.OBanka813201
Domohan B.OBanka813102
Dudhari B.OBanka813102
Dumarama B.OBanka813101
Fullidumar B.OBanka813207
Gidhora B.OBanka813211
Gokula B.OBanka813104
Golhatti B.OBanka813104
Gopalpur B.OBanka813107
Gorgama B.OBanka813104
Gorgama B.OBanka813101
Harchandi B.OBanka813105
Haripur B.OBanka813102
Hirambi B.OBanka813109
Inarabaran B.OBanka814131
Jagatpur B.OBanka813103
Jaipur B.OBanka813106
Jajdiha B.OBanka813102
Jamdaha B.OBanka813102
Jethorjamua B.OBanka813102
Jogdiha B.OBanka813102
Jokta Fatehpur B.OBanka814131
Jotha B.OBanka813109
Kairee B.OBanka813104
Kajhia B.OBanka813103
Kakwara S.OBanka813118
Kamargame B.OBanka813221
Kamdeodih B.OBanka813106
Kamdeopur B.OBanka813101
Kandhar B.OBanka813106
Kandnar B.OBanka813101
Karanjha B.OBanka813207
Kasba B.OBanka813211
Kathail B.OBanka813101
Kathoun B.OBanka813107
Kathrang B.OBanka813105
Katoria S.OBanka813106
Katsakrh B.OBanka813106
Kavisha B.OBanka813211
Kenduar B.OBanka813101
Kewar B.OBanka813106
KHARHARA S.OBanka813121
Khesar S.OBanka813207
Khojhi S.OBanka813116
Kolbuzurg B.OBanka813101
Kolhatha B.OBanka813109
Krma B.OBanka813211
Kumarpur B.OBanka813211
Kumartar B.OBanka814131
Kunonira B.OBanka813102
Kunouni B.OBanka813102
Kushmaha B.OBanka813104
Lakhnouri B.OBanka813102
Lakhpura B.OBanka813103
Laknowdih B.OBanka813102
Lakra B.OBanka813107
Laxmipur B.OBanka813102
Laxmipur Chiraya S.OBanka813127
Lilotara B.OBanka813109
Lohari B.OBanka814131
Mahadwpur B.OBanka813101
Maheshadih B.OBanka813102
Mahisota B.OBanka813211
Maikaita B.OBanka813105
Makduma B.OBanka813102
Malbathan B.OBanka813102
Mandar Vidyapith B.OBanka813104
Manghi B.OBanka813202
Maniyarpur B.OBanka813104
Manjhili Matihani B.OBanka813202
Manjhoui B.OBanka813109
Manjira Gouripur B.OBanka813102
Mathura Sahibganj B.OBanka813202
Medha B.OBanka813102
Mirsapur B.OBanka813211
Morma B.OBanka813107
Motauga B.OBanka813110
Narayanpur B.OBanka813103
Nayagaon B.OBanka813201
Nayagaon B.OBanka813104
Nimia B.OBanka813207
Noroun B.OBanka813207
Orhore B.OBanka813109
Pair B.OBanka813110
Palaria B.OBanka813211
Panjwara S.OBanka813110
Papraiba B.OBanka813106
Paraia Chakdih B.OBanka813102
Pararia B.OBanka813211
Pararia Chakadih B.OBanka813102
Pasmanandpur B.OBanka813207
Pathada B.OBanka813101
Pathara S.OBanka813115
Patsorikhaira B.OBanka813107
Pawai S.O (Banka)Banka813125
Phaga B.OBanka813104
Phulhara B.OBanka811308
Pilua Jharna B.OBanka813104
Pira B.OBanka813106
Pothia B.OBanka813205
Punsia S.OBanka813109
Rajoun S.OBanka813107
Rajpur B.OBanka813202
Rajpur B.OBanka813102
Rajwara B.OBanka813101
Ramchandrapur Ithari B.OBanka813102
Ramchna B.OBanka813221
Ramjdha B.OBanka813107
Ranghatta B.OBanka813102
Ranikita B.OBanka813101
Rata B.OBanka813207
Rauja B.OBanka813207
Rauka B.OBanka813105
Rojabar B.OBanka813107
Rupsa B.OBanka813105
Sabalpur B.OBanka813104
Sadpur B.OBanka813110
Samukhia B.OBanka813102
Samukhia More B.OBanka813102
Santadih B.OBanka813212
Saraiya B.OBanka813104
Serua B.OBanka813104
Shambhuganj S.OBanka813211
Shreepathar B.OBanka813109
Shreepathas B.OBanka813109
Shyambazar B.OBanka813104
Sobhanpur Katoria S.OBanka813124
Soguni B.OBanka813211
Sondiha Babhangama S.OBanka813123
Sondiha Dharmdiha B.OBanka813103
Sukhia Barhet B.OBanka813104
Sultanpur B.OBanka813101
Supha B.OBanka813106
Surhari B.OBanka813101
Suyambazar B.OBanka813104
Telia B.OBanka813103
Telia Lowgain B.OBanka813101
Tengza B.OBanka813202
Tetaria B.OBanka813106
Tonapathar B.OBanka813106
Uparchakmarhia B.OBanka813106
Uprama B.OBanka813107
Vijayhat B.OBanka813109

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