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Karbi Anglong Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Karbi Anglong district, Assam
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Amguri B.OKarbi Anglong782410
Amlakhi Bazar B.OKarbi Anglong782461
Amonigaon B.OKarbi Anglong782481
Amrang B.OKarbi Anglong782448
Amtreng B.OKarbi Anglong782450
Baghmari B.OKarbi Anglong782462
Baghpani B.OKarbi Anglong782441
Baithalangsho S.OKarbi Anglong782450
Bakalighat S.OKarbi Anglong782482
Baligaon Tiniali B.OKarbi Anglong782481
Balipathar B.OKarbi Anglong782470
Bargaon B.OKarbi Anglong782425
Barjuri B.OKarbi Anglong782139
Barlongpher B.OKarbi Anglong782447
Barpani B.OKarbi Anglong782450
Bheleoghat B.OKarbi Anglong782441
Biswanathpathar B.OKarbi Anglong782441
Bobilgaon B.OKarbi Anglong782481
Bogijan B.OKarbi Anglong782490
Bokajan C F S.OKarbi Anglong782490
Bokajan S.OKarbi Anglong782480
Borbali B.OKarbi Anglong782481
Borthal B.OKarbi Anglong782485
Chakihola B.OKarbi Anglong782480
Cherakani B.OKarbi Anglong782441
Dakhin Dighalipar B.OKarbi Anglong782481
Daldali B.OKarbi Anglong782470
Danghap B.OKarbi Anglong782441
Dayangmukh B.OKarbi Anglong782448
Deihari B.OKarbi Anglong782490
Deithor B.OKarbi Anglong782480
Dentaghat B.OKarbi Anglong782441
Deopani B.OKarbi Anglong782470
Deorigaon B.OKarbi Anglong782460
Dewanbasti B.OKarbi Anglong782462
Dhansripar S.OKarbi Anglong782470
Dilaji B.OKarbi Anglong782462
Dillai B.OKarbi Anglong782480
Dillai Parbat B.OKarbi Anglong782480
Diphu Bazar B.OKarbi Anglong782462
Diphu Govt.College S.OKarbi Anglong782462
Diphu H.OKarbi Anglong782460
Disama B.OKarbi Anglong782462
Disobai B.OKarbi Anglong782482
Diyungbra B.OKarbi Anglong782448
Dokmaka S.OKarbi Anglong782441
Donkamokam S.OKarbi Anglong782485
Duarbamuni B.OKarbi Anglong782441
Dwajungphang B.OKarbi Anglong782470
Eradighalpani B.OKarbi Anglong782481
Forest Bazar B.OKarbi Anglong782448
Gautambasti B.OKarbi Anglong782480
Golaibasti B.OKarbi Anglong782480
Hamren S.OKarbi Anglong782486
Harlongpher B.OKarbi Anglong782447
Hidibonglong B.OKarbi Anglong782481
Hidipi B.OKarbi Anglong782480
Honkram B.OKarbi Anglong782450
Honlokrok B.OKarbi Anglong782485
Howraghat S.OKarbi Anglong782481
Jaljuri B.OKarbi Anglong782485
Japrajan B.OKarbi Anglong782470
Jengkha B.OKarbi Anglong782448
Jirikinding B.OKarbi Anglong782448
Jongpha B.OKarbi Anglong782490
Kachupukhuri B.OKarbi Anglong782482
Kailajan B.OKarbi Anglong782480
Kajesara Matikhola B.OKarbi Anglong782441
Kalanga B.OKarbi Anglong782485
Karagaon B.OKarbi Anglong782480
Khanduli B.OKarbi Anglong782486
Khatkhati B.OKarbi Anglong782480
Khengergaon B.OKarbi Anglong782447
Kheroni S.OKarbi Anglong782448
Kheronigaon B.OKarbi Anglong782461
Kuligaon B.OKarbi Anglong782480
Laharijan B.OKarbi Anglong782480
Langbangdingpi B.OKarbi Anglong782482
Langcholiet B.OKarbi Anglong782447
Langhin Manikpur B.OKarbi Anglong782441
Langhin Tiniali B.OKarbi Anglong782441
Langlakso B.OKarbi Anglong782441
Longnit B.OKarbi Anglong782461
Lorenthepi B.OKarbi Anglong782482
Lurulangso B.OKarbi Anglong782462
Mahendijua B.OKarbi Anglong782461
Mailoo Bazar B.OKarbi Anglong782446
Manja S.OKarbi Anglong782461
Menmeji B.OKarbi Anglong782435
Morakordoiguri B.OKarbi Anglong782480
Nailalung B.OKarbi Anglong782447
Neparpatty B.OKarbi Anglong782470
Okrang B.OKarbi Anglong782481
Padumpukhuri B.OKarbi Anglong782441
Paharguri B.OKarbi Anglong782450
Palakamati B.OKarbi Anglong782481
Panditghat B.OKarbi Anglong782481
Panjaborpathar B.OKarbi Anglong782450
Panjuri B.OKarbi Anglong782441
Parakhowa Bazar B.OKarbi Anglong782441
Phanglangso B.OKarbi Anglong782462
Phangtrengphang B.OKarbi Anglong782485
Phulani B.OKarbi Anglong782441
Pub Silputa B.OKarbi Anglong782482
Rajapathar B.OKarbi Anglong782481
Rangapahar Siding B.OKarbi Anglong782470
Rengkimi Village B.OKarbi Anglong782462
Rongkhelon B.OKarbi Anglong782462
Rongkut B.OKarbi Anglong782481
Rongplimplam B.OKarbi Anglong782461
Samaguri Bazar B.OKarbi Anglong782482
Samelangso B.OKarbi Anglong782441
Sangsiga Bazar B.OKarbi Anglong782448
Sankardev Nagar S.OKarbi Anglong782442
Sarihajan B.OKarbi Anglong782480
Satgaon B.OKarbi Anglong782485
Shyampathar B.OKarbi Anglong782482
Sildharampur B.OKarbi Anglong782441
Silputa Tiniali B.OKarbi Anglong782482
Tarabasa B.OKarbi Anglong782482
Taradubi B.OKarbi Anglong782485
Taralangso No 1 B.OKarbi Anglong782447
Tengelijan B.OKarbi Anglong782470
Tengralangso B.OKarbi Anglong782450
Teteliguri B.OKarbi Anglong782482
Tikahill B.OKarbi Anglong782450
Tumpreng B.OKarbi Anglong782485
Udali No 1 B.OKarbi Anglong782482
Umcherra B.OKarbi Anglong782486
Umpanai B.OKarbi Anglong782410
Umswar B.OKarbi Anglong782410
Uttar Borbil B.OKarbi Anglong782481
Vitorkaliani B.OKarbi Anglong782490
Watijor B.OKarbi Anglong782446
Wirwar B.OKarbi Anglong782441

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