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Mahabub Nagar Pincode List

List of Post Offices/ Pincodes in areas under Mahabub Nagar district, Andhra Pradesh
Post OfficeDistrictPincode
Abhangapur B.OMahabub Nagar509210
Achampet S.OMahabub Nagar509375
Addakal B.OMahabub Nagar509382
Akkaram B.OMahabub Nagar509375
Akuthotapally B.OMahabub Nagar509321
Alampally B.OMahabub Nagar509352
Alampur S.O (Mahabub Nagar)Mahabub Nagar509152
Aleru B.OMahabub Nagar509412
Alipur B.OMahabub Nagar509110
Alur B.OMahabub Nagar509132
Alwal B.OMahabub Nagar509408
Alwalpad B.OMahabub Nagar509125
Amadabakula B.OMahabub Nagar509381
Amangal S.OMahabub Nagar509321
Ambatpally B.OMahabub Nagar509401
Amdipur B.OMahabub Nagar509210
Amerchinta S.OMahabub Nagar509130
Amervoi B.OMahabub Nagar509132
Amistapur B.OMahabub Nagar509382
Ammapur B.OMahabub Nagar509340
Ammapuram B.OMahabub Nagar509110
Ammayapally B.OMahabub Nagar509104
Amrabad S.OMahabub Nagar509201
Ananthapur B.OMahabub Nagar509125
Ananthavaram B.OMahabub Nagar509401
Andugula B.OMahabub Nagar509321
Angadi Raichur B.OMahabub Nagar509336
Ankilla B.OMahabub Nagar509371
Annaram B.OMahabub Nagar509336
Annaram B.OMahabub Nagar509202
Annasagar B.OMahabub Nagar509382
Annasagar B.OMahabub Nagar509407
Antharam B.OMahabub Nagar509357
Antharam B.OMahabub Nagar509336
Antharam B.OMahabub Nagar509335
Anugonda B.OMahabub Nagar509208
Appajipally B.OMahabub Nagar509406
Appampally B.OMahabub Nagar509110
Apparala B.OMahabub Nagar509110
Appareddipalli B.OMahabub Nagar509210
Appareddipally B.OMahabub Nagar509327
Appayapally B.OMahabub Nagar509401
Aragidda B.OMahabub Nagar509132
Arepally B.OMahabub Nagar509131
Arkepally B.OMahabub Nagar509327
Atmakur B.OMahabub Nagar509125
Atmakur So (A) S.OMahabub Nagar509131
Aurpally B.OMahabub Nagar509321
Ausalikunta B.OMahabub Nagar509401
Avancha B.OMahabub Nagar509301
Ayyavaripalli B.OMahabub Nagar509357
Ayyavaripally B.OMahabub Nagar509105
Ayyavaripally B.OMahabub Nagar509104
Balajinagar B.OMahabub Nagar509338
Balampet B.OMahabub Nagar509336
Balanagar S.OMahabub Nagar509202
Balanpally B.OMahabub Nagar509215
Balmoor B.OMahabub Nagar509401
Banala B.OMahabub Nagar509401
Bandamedipally B.OMahabub Nagar509001
Bandarpally B.OMahabub Nagar509409
Bapanpally B.OMahabub Nagar509407
Barkatpally B.OMahabub Nagar509360
Baswaipalli B.OMahabub Nagar509204
Baswapur B.OMahabub Nagar509152
Bawajipally B.OMahabub Nagar509406
Beechpally B.OMahabub Nagar509125
Beerole B.OMahabub Nagar509125
Bekkem B.OMahabub Nagar509104
Bhairamkonda B.OMahabub Nagar509210
Bhairampuram B.OMahabub Nagar509360
Bhogaram B.OMahabub Nagar509339
Bhuneed B.OMahabub Nagar509411
Bhutpur B.OMahabub Nagar509353
Bhutpur S.OMahabub Nagar509382
Bichal B.OMahabub Nagar509336
Bijnapally S.OMahabub Nagar509203
Bijwar B.OMahabub Nagar509132
Bingidoddi B.OMahabub Nagar509127
Boinpally B.OMahabub Nagar509357
Bollampally B.OMahabub Nagar509360
Bollavaram B.OMahabub Nagar509105
Bommanpad B.OMahabub Nagar509407
Bommanpally B.OMahabub Nagar509375
Bomraspet B.OMahabub Nagar509338
Bonkur B.OMahabub Nagar509128
Boyagudem B.OMahabub Nagar509129
Boyapally B.OMahabub Nagar509001
Bramhanpally B.OMahabub Nagar509327
Buddaram B.OMahabub Nagar509334
Buddaram B.OMahabub Nagar509206
Buddasamudram B.OMahabub Nagar509301
Bukkapur B.OMahabub Nagar509152
Buranpur B.OMahabub Nagar509338
Burgula B.OMahabub Nagar509202
Busireddypally B.OMahabub Nagar509120
C.Thirumalapuram B.OMahabub Nagar509110
Chagadona B.OMahabub Nagar509127
Chagapur B.OMahabub Nagar509126
Challapur B.OMahabub Nagar509336
Chandapur B.OMahabub Nagar509375
Chandapur B.OMahabub Nagar509120
Chandapur B.OMahabub Nagar509208
Chandrakal B.OMahabub Nagar509412
Chandrakallu B.OMahabub Nagar509336
Chandraspalli B.OMahabub Nagar509371
Chandravancha B.OMahabub Nagar509339
Chandubatla B.OMahabub Nagar509209
Charakonda B.OMahabub Nagar509324
Chatanpally B.OMahabub Nagar509216
Chedurpally B.OMahabub Nagar509360
Cheepununthala B.OMahabub Nagar509321
Chegunta B.OMahabub Nagar509406
Chegunta B.OMahabub Nagar509352
Chegur B.OMahabub Nagar509325
Chellapur B.OMahabub Nagar509335
Chennampally B.OMahabub Nagar509401
Chennaram B.OMahabub Nagar509206
Chennaram B.OMahabub Nagar509339
Chennipad B.OMahabub Nagar509128
Cherikonda B.OMahabub Nagar509321
Cherkur B.OMahabub Nagar509360
Chilivera B.OMahabub Nagar509357
Chilkamarri B.OMahabub Nagar509216
Chilmulmailwar B.OMahabub Nagar509338
Chimanguntapally B.OMahabub Nagar509206
Chinchod B.OMahabub Nagar509410
Chinna Jatram B.OMahabub Nagar509205
Chinna Tandrapad B.OMahabub Nagar509135
Chinnadarpalli B.OMahabub Nagar509334
Chinnamarur B.OMahabub Nagar509104
Chinnaporla B.OMahabub Nagar509311
Chinnarevally B.OMahabub Nagar509408
Chinta Kunta Kurd B.OMahabub Nagar509131
Chintakunta B.OMahabub Nagar509120
Chintalapally B.OMahabub Nagar509105
Chintalkunta B.OMahabub Nagar509129
Chintareval B.OMahabub Nagar509125
Chitlamkunta B.OMahabub Nagar509201
Chitlapally B.OMahabub Nagar509338
Chittanur B.OMahabub Nagar509409
Chityal B.OMahabub Nagar509206
Chityala B.OMahabub Nagar509208
Chndradana B.OMahabub Nagar509357
Chowdarpalli B.OMahabub Nagar509204
Chowdarpalli B.OMahabub Nagar509350
Chowdarpally B.OMahabub Nagar509340
Chowdergudem B.OMahabub Nagar509207
Chowdur B.OMahabub Nagar509202
Chowlapally B.OMahabub Nagar509408
Chowlapally B.OMahabub Nagar509410
Chukkapur B.OMahabub Nagar509321
D.Chintalapally B.OMahabub Nagar509349
D.Thirumalapur B.OMahabub Nagar509412
Dagada B.OMahabub Nagar509104
Damargidda S.OMahabub Nagar509407
Damganpur B.OMahabub Nagar509409
Damganpur B.OMahabub Nagar509411
Dantanur B.OMahabub Nagar509110
Dasardoddi B.OMahabub Nagar509208
Dawajipally B.OMahabub Nagar509120
Desai Pally B.OMahabub Nagar509336
Devalfaslawar B.OMahabub Nagar509336
Devarkadra S.OMahabub Nagar509204
Dhanwada S.OMahabub Nagar509205
Dhararam B.OMahabub Nagar509401
Dharmapur B.OMahabub Nagar509001
Dharmavaram B.OMahabub Nagar509128
Dharur B.OMahabub Nagar509125
Dokur B.OMahabub Nagar509204
Donuru B.OMahabub Nagar509357
Dorepally B.OMahabub Nagar509411
Doskal B.OMahabub Nagar509216
Doultabad B.OMahabub Nagar509336
Dudiyal B.OMahabub Nagar509350
Duppalli B.OMahabub Nagar509110
Edavally B.OMahabub Nagar509311
Ediganipally B.OMahabub Nagar509301
Eklaskhanpet B.OMahabub Nagar509408
Eklaspur B.OMahabub Nagar509127
Ekvaipally B.OMahabub Nagar509358
Eligandla B.OMahabub Nagar509351
Eranpally B.OMahabub Nagar509338
Erikichedu B.OMahabub Nagar509129
Erupmalla B.OMahabub Nagar509338
Fareedpur B.OMahabub Nagar509409
Farooqnagar B.OMahabub Nagar509216
Fathepur B.OMahabub Nagar509340
Fathimapur B.OMahabub Nagar509325
Gaddampally B.OMahabub Nagar509385
Gaddegudem B.OMahabub Nagar509204
Gadwal H.OMahabub Nagar509125
Gaggalapally B.OMahabub Nagar509385
Gajra B.OMahabub Nagar509349
Gajulapet B.OMahabub Nagar509382
Gandhichowk S.O (Mahabub Nagar)Mahabub Nagar509103
Gandwed B.OMahabub Nagar509337
Gangapur B.OMahabub Nagar509301
Gangaram B.OMahabub Nagar509203
Gantaraopally B.OMahabub Nagar509412
Ganyagula B.OMahabub Nagar509412
Garlapahad B.OMahabub Nagar509371
Gattuippalapally B.OMahabub Nagar509320
Gattunellikuduru B.OMahabub Nagar509385
Gattuthumman B.OMahabub Nagar509375
Ghanpur B.OMahabub Nagar509380
Ghanpur B.OMahabub Nagar509375
Ghattu B.OMahabub Nagar509129
Girikothapally B.OMahabub Nagar509321
Godal B.OMahabub Nagar509401
Gokaram B.OMahabub Nagar509324
Gokhafaslawar B.OMahabub Nagar509336
Gokul Nagar B.OMahabub Nagar509371
Gollapally B.OMahabub Nagar509301
Gopalapuram B.OMahabub Nagar509105
Gopalpet S.OMahabub Nagar509206
Gopanpally B.OMahabub Nagar509219
Gopanpet B.OMahabub Nagar509131
Gopulapuram B.OMahabub Nagar509120
Gorita B.OMahabub Nagar509406
Gorlakhan Doddi B.OMahabub Nagar509129
Gotur B.OMahabub Nagar509204
Gouraram B.OMahabub Nagar509350
Gouraram B.OMahabub Nagar509385
Goureddipally B.OMahabub Nagar509385
Gudeballur B.OMahabub Nagar509352
Gudigandla B.OMahabub Nagar509205
Gudigani Pally B.OMahabub Nagar509357
Gudimunkan Pally B.OMahabub Nagar509407
Gudipally B.OMahabub Nagar509235
Gumkonda B.OMahabub Nagar509406
Gummadam B.OMahabub Nagar509104
Gunded B.OMahabub Nagar509202
Gundimalla B.OMahabub Nagar509152
Gundiyal B.OMahabub Nagar509334
Gundlanarva B.OMahabub Nagar509215
Gundmal B.OMahabub Nagar509339
Gundur B.OMahabub Nagar509324
Guntakodur B.OMahabub Nagar509209
Gunumukla B.OMahabub Nagar509205
Gurakonda B.OMahabub Nagar509409
Gurukunta B.OMahabub Nagar509340
Hajipur B.OMahabub Nagar509375
Hakeempet B.OMahabub Nagar509350
Hanumanpura S.OMahabub Nagar509001
Hindupur B.OMahabub Nagar509352
Hunwada S.OMahabub Nagar509334
Husnabad S.O (Mahabub Nagar)Mahabub Nagar509350
Ibrahimbad B.OMahabub Nagar509334
Ibrahimpatnam B.OMahabub Nagar509351
Ieeja S.OMahabub Nagar509127
Ind. Estate S.OMahabub Nagar509001
Indanur B.OMahabub Nagar509336
Indrakal B.OMahabub Nagar509209
Induvasi B.OMahabub Nagar509129
Inmulnarva B.OMahabub Nagar509228
Inole B.OMahabub Nagar509375
Ippalapally B.OMahabub Nagar509201
Ippalapally B.OMahabub Nagar509406
Ippapahad B.OMahabub Nagar509320
Ippatur B.OMahabub Nagar509340
Irladinne B.OMahabub Nagar509130
Irwin B.OMahabub Nagar509321
Itkyala B.OMahabub Nagar509128
Itkyalapad B.OMahabub Nagar509153
J.Thirumalapuram B.OMahabub Nagar509206
Jajala B.OMahabub Nagar509324
Jajapur B.OMahabub Nagar509210
Jakinalapally B.OMahabub Nagar509320
Jaklair S.OMahabub Nagar509353
Jalalpur B.OMahabub Nagar509210
Jallapur B.OMahabub Nagar509153
Jammiched B.OMahabub Nagar509125
Janampet B.OMahabub Nagar509382
Jangamreddypally B.OMahabub Nagar509201
Janumpally B.OMahabub Nagar509102
Japtisadaguda B.OMahabub Nagar509376
Jatram Kalan B.OMahabub Nagar509205
Jetaprole B.OMahabub Nagar509105
Jingirala B.OMahabub Nagar509204
Jinkunta B.OMahabub Nagar509385
Jinnaram B.OMahabub Nagar509409
Jonnalabogada B.OMahabub Nagar509412
Julaikal B.OMahabub Nagar509126
Julapalli B.OMahabub Nagar509337
Julapally B.OMahabub Nagar509357
Jupally B.OMahabub Nagar509324
Juriyala B.OMahabub Nagar509131
Kachwar B.OMahabub Nagar509353
Kadirepahad B.OMahabub Nagar509206
Kadmoor B.OMahabub Nagar509130
Kadthal S.OMahabub Nagar509358
Kadukuntla B.OMahabub Nagar509381
Kakarlapahad B.OMahabub Nagar509340
Kakulavaram B.OMahabub Nagar509125
Kakunur B.OMahabub Nagar509408
Kalakonda B.OMahabub Nagar509360
Kalakuntla B.OMahabub Nagar509128
Kalwakole B.OMahabub Nagar509102
Kalwakurthy S.OMahabub Nagar509324
Kalwal B.OMahabub Nagar509208
Kalwarala B.OMahabub Nagar509120
Kamaluddinpur B.OMahabub Nagar509380
Kammadanam B.OMahabub Nagar509216
Kamsanipally B.OMahabub Nagar509376
Kamsanpally B.OMahabub Nagar509407
Kancherla B.OMahabub Nagar509129
Kanchiraopally B.OMahabub Nagar509120
Kandanpally B.OMahabub Nagar509407
Kandur B.OMahabub Nagar509382
Kanimetta B.OMahabub Nagar509381
Kankurthy B.OMahabub Nagar509407
Kanmankalwa B.OMahabub Nagar509340
Kanmanur B.OMahabub Nagar509381
Kanmanur B.OMahabub Nagar509351
Karivena B.OMahabub Nagar509301
Karkalpahad B.OMahabub Nagar509358
Karkonda B.OMahabub Nagar509340
Karni B.OMahabub Nagar509208
Karur B.OMahabub Nagar509340
Karvanga B.OMahabub Nagar509385
Kasturpally B.OMahabub Nagar509336
Kazipur B.OMahabub Nagar509371
Keshampet B.OMahabub Nagar509206
Keshampet S.OMahabub Nagar509408
Kethepally B.OMahabub Nagar509120
Khanapur B.OMahabub Nagar509215
Khanapur B.OMahabub Nagar509321
Kistapur B.OMahabub Nagar509204
Kodair B.OMahabub Nagar509102
Kodangal S.OMahabub Nagar509338
Kodgal B.OMahabub Nagar509301
Koduparthy B.OMahabub Nagar509406
Kodur B.OMahabub Nagar509001
Koilkonda S.OMahabub Nagar509371
Koilsagar B.OMahabub Nagar509204
Kollampalli B.OMahabub Nagar509205
Kollapur S.OMahabub Nagar509102
Kollur B.OMahabub Nagar509311
Kollur B.OMahabub Nagar509202
Komatikunta B.OMahabub Nagar509401
Komireddi Pally B.OMahabub Nagar509337
Konapur B.OMahabub Nagar509358
Kondair B.OMahabub Nagar509125
Kondanagula B.OMahabub Nagar509401
Kondapally B.OMahabub Nagar509125
Kondapur B.OMahabub Nagar509340
Kondapuram B.OMahabub Nagar509371
Kondaraopally B.OMahabub Nagar509102
Kondareddipally B.OMahabub Nagar509401
Kondareddipally B.OMahabub Nagar509324
Kondur B.OMahabub Nagar509105
Kondurgu S.OMahabub Nagar509207
Konetipur B.OMahabub Nagar509349
Kongat Pally B.OMahabub Nagar509334
Konkal B.OMahabub Nagar509126
Konnur B.OMahabub Nagar509110
Koppunur B.OMahabub Nagar509105
Korvipad B.OMahabub Nagar509128
Kosgi S.OMahabub Nagar509339
Kotakadra B.OMahabub Nagar509204
Kotakonda B.OMahabub Nagar509210
Kothakota S.O (Mahabub Nagar)Mahabub Nagar509381
Kothamolgara B.OMahabub Nagar509382
Kothapally B.OMahabub Nagar509125
Kothapally B.OMahabub Nagar509357
Kothapally B.OMahabub Nagar509340
Kothapally B.OMahabub Nagar509352
Kothapally B.OMahabub Nagar509411
Kothapet B.OMahabub Nagar509001
Kothapeta B.OMahabub Nagar509408
Kothlabad B.OMahabub Nagar509371
Kothur B.OMahabub Nagar509338
Kothur B.OMahabub Nagar509357
Kothur S.OMahabub Nagar509228
Kotra B.OMahabub Nagar509360
Koukunt R.S. B.OMahabub Nagar509219
Koukuntla S.OMahabub Nagar509219
Kovaldinne B.OMahabub Nagar509126
Krishna Nagar S.O (Mahabub Nagar)Mahabub Nagar509125
Krishna S.OMahabub Nagar509352
Kucherkal B.OMahabub Nagar509202
Kuchur B.OMahabub Nagar509340
Kudikilla B.OMahabub Nagar509102
Kudirmalla B.OMahabub Nagar509350
Kulakcherla S.OMahabub Nagar509335
Kulkulpally B.OMahabub Nagar509327
Kulpur B.OMahabub Nagar509352
Kummaronipally B.OMahabub Nagar509201
Kummera B.OMahabub Nagar509215
Kunsi B.OMahabub Nagar509352
Kuppugandla B.OMahabub Nagar509360
Kurumidda B.OMahabub Nagar509320
Kusumasamudram B.OMahabub Nagar509335
Kyathanpally B.OMahabub Nagar509407
Kyathur B.OMahabub Nagar509153
Lakcherla B.OMahabub Nagar509350
Laknaram B.OMahabub Nagar509385
Lalkot S.OMahabub Nagar509409
Lankal B.OMahabub Nagar509130
Latpally B.OMahabub Nagar509203
Laxmapur B.OMahabub Nagar509201
Laxmapur B.OMahabub Nagar509385
Laxmipally B.OMahabub Nagar509380
Laxmipally B.OMahabub Nagar509104
Lingala S.O (Mahabub Nagar)Mahabub Nagar509401
Lingampally B.OMahabub Nagar509311
Lingampaly B.OMahabub Nagar509340
Linganvai B.OMahabub Nagar509153
Lingasanipally B.OMahabub Nagar509215
Lingasanipally B.OMahabub Nagar509324
Lokurthy B.OMahabub Nagar509407
Machanpalli B.OMahabub Nagar509204
Macharam B.OMahabub Nagar509201
Macherla S.O (Mahabub Nagar)Mahabub Nagar509129
Machupally B.OMahabub Nagar509206
Madanapuram S.OMahabub Nagar509110
Maddelabanda B.OMahabub Nagar509132
Maddigatla B.OMahabub Nagar509382
Maddigatla B.OMahabub Nagar509406
Maddimadugu B.OMahabub Nagar509201
Maddur B.OMahabub Nagar509110
Maddur S.O (Mahabub Nagar)Mahabub Nagar509411
Madgul S.OMahabub Nagar509327
Madharam B.OMahabub Nagar509320
Madhavanipally B.OMahabub Nagar509201
Madhurapuram B.OMahabub Nagar509202
Madhwar B.OMahabub Nagar509351
Madhwar B.OMahabub Nagar509311
Maganur B.OMahabub Nagar509208
Mahabubnagar H.OMahabub Nagar509001
Mahadeanpet B.OMahabub Nagar509203
Mahmadapur B.OMahabub Nagar509120
Makthal S.OMahabub Nagar509208
Malkapur B.OMahabub Nagar509385
Malkapuram B.OMahabub Nagar509371
Malleboinpally B.OMahabub Nagar509301
Mallepalli B.OMahabub Nagar509311
Malleswaram B.OMahabub Nagar509105
Malreddy Pally B.OMahabub Nagar509407
Mamidimada B.OMahabub Nagar509380
Mamidipally B.OMahabub Nagar509217
Mamidlapally B.OMahabub Nagar509385
Manajipet B.OMahabub Nagar509380
Manavapad S.OMahabub Nagar509128
Mandipalli B.OMahabub Nagar509205
Mandoddi B.OMahabub Nagar509135
Mangampet B.OMahabub Nagar509337
Manganoor B.OMahabub Nagar509203
Manigilla B.OMahabub Nagar509103
Manikonda B.OMahabub Nagar509204
Mannanur B.OMahabub Nagar509201
Mannapur B.OMahabub Nagar509125
Mannevaripally B.OMahabub Nagar509375
Manthan Gode B.OMahabub Nagar509353
Manthati B.OMahabub Nagar509385
Marchala S.OMahabub Nagar509320
Maredu B.OMahabub Nagar509201
Marepally B.OMahabub Nagar509406
Marikal B.OMahabub Nagar509412
Marlabeed B.OMahabub Nagar509125
Marmungal B.OMahabub Nagar509153
Marrikal B.OMahabub Nagar509406
Marrikal B.OMahabub Nagar509340
Marrikal S.OMahabub Nagar509351
Mastipur B.OMahabub Nagar509130
Mbn Rs S.OMahabub Nagar509001
Medikonda B.OMahabub Nagar509127
Medipur B.OMahabub Nagar509209
Metlakunta B.OMahabub Nagar509338
Midjil S.OMahabub Nagar509357
Miraspally B.OMahabub Nagar509104
Mirzapur B.OMahabub Nagar509339
Mittadoddi B.OMahabub Nagar509127
Mittasadguda B.OMahabub Nagar509349
Mogalgidda S.OMahabub Nagar509410
Mogalmadka B.OMahabub Nagar509336
Mohammadabad S.OMahabub Nagar509337
Molachinthalapally B.OMahabub Nagar509102
Mothighanapur B.OMahabub Nagar509202
Motlampally B.OMahabub Nagar509131
Muchintala B.OMahabub Nagar509219
Muddunurkalan B.OMahabub Nagar509412
Mudmal B.OMahabub Nagar509352
Mudwin B.OMahabub Nagar509321
Mukurala B.OMahabub Nagar509324
Mulamalla B.OMahabub Nagar509131
Muldakal S.OMahabub Nagar509132
Mulkalpally B.OMahabub Nagar509125
Munimoksham B.OMahabub Nagar509334
Munnanoor B.OMahabub Nagar509206
Musapet S.OMahabub Nagar509380
Mushrifa B.OMahabub Nagar509339
Mustipalli B.OMahabub Nagar509208
Mustipally B.OMahabub Nagar509412
Muthireddypally B.OMahabub Nagar509206
Mutpur B.OMahabub Nagar509207
Nadimpally B.OMahabub Nagar509375
Nagal Kadmoor B.OMahabub Nagar509130
Naganool B.OMahabub Nagar509209
Nagapoor B.OMahabub Nagar509235
Nagaram B.OMahabub Nagar509204
Nagarkurnool S.OMahabub Nagar509209
Nagilla B.OMahabub Nagar509327
Nagulapally B.OMahabub Nagar509216
Nagulapally B.OMahabub Nagar509206
Nallavelly B.OMahabub Nagar509209
Nancherla B.OMahabub Nagar509337
Nandaram B.OMahabub Nagar509336
Nandigam B.OMahabub Nagar509350
Nandigaon B.OMahabub Nagar509228
Nandimalla B.OMahabub Nagar509131
Nandinne B.OMahabub Nagar509129
Narayanpet Bazar S.OMahabub Nagar509210
Narayanpet S.OMahabub Nagar509210
Narsapur B.OMahabub Nagar509407
Narsayapally B.OMahabub Nagar509102
Narva B.OMahabub Nagar509130
Nasrullabad B.OMahabub Nagar509301
Nawabpet S.O (Mahabub Nagar)Mahabub Nagar509340
Neetur B.OMahabub Nagar509350
Nellikondi B.OMahabub Nagar509409
Neredgaon B.OMahabub Nagar509208
Nerellapally B.OMahabub Nagar509301
Nettampahad B.OMahabub Nagar509125
Nidadavelli B.OMahabub Nagar509408
Nidgurthy B.OMahabub Nagar509205
Nidijinta B.OMahabub Nagar509411
Nyetvally B.OMahabub Nagar509104
Oppair B.OMahabub Nagar509125
Osmangunj S.OMahabub Nagar509001
P.C.Kunta B.OMahabub Nagar509409
Padakal B.OMahabub Nagar509408
Padara B.OMahabub Nagar509201
Pagdimarri B.OMahabub Nagar509210
Pagunta B.OMahabub Nagar509125
Paipadu B.OMahabub Nagar509126
Palem B.OMahabub Nagar509381
Palem S.OMahabub Nagar509215
Palkapally B.OMahabub Nagar509376
Palkonda B.OMahabub Nagar509001
Pallamarri B.OMahabub Nagar509409
Pallepad B.OMahabub Nagar509128
Pallerla B.OMahabub Nagar509411
Palvoi B.OMahabub Nagar509132
Pamireddipally B.OMahabub Nagar509206
Panchalingal B.OMahabub Nagar509208
Panchdev Pahad B.OMahabub Nagar509208
Pangal B.OMahabub Nagar509120
Panjugula B.OMahabub Nagar509324
Papagal B.OMahabub Nagar509209
Papireddiguda B.OMahabub Nagar509216
Parmal B.OMahabub Nagar509125
Parpally B.OMahabub Nagar509371
Parsapur B.OMahabub Nagar509338
Parvathapuram B.OMahabub Nagar509380
Pasupula B.OMahabub Nagar509412
Pathamolgara B.OMahabub Nagar509382
Pathapalamur S.OMahabub Nagar509001
Pathapalem B.OMahabub Nagar509125
Patherched B.OMahabub Nagar509353
Pebbair S.OMahabub Nagar509104
Pedda Darpally B.OMahabub Nagar509334
Pedda Mungalched B.OMahabub Nagar509382
Pedda-adirala B.OMahabub Nagar509408
Peddadinne B.OMahabub Nagar509128
Peddagudem B.OMahabub Nagar509381
Peddakarpamula B.OMahabub Nagar509412
Peddakothapally S.OMahabub Nagar509412
Peddamamidala Padu B.OMahabub Nagar509128
Peddamandadi B.OMahabub Nagar509103
Peddamarur B.OMahabub Nagar509104
Peddapally B.OMahabub Nagar509385
Peddaporla B.OMahabub Nagar509311
Peddapothulapad B.OMahabub Nagar509128
Peddapur B.OMahabub Nagar509360
Peddapur B.OMahabub Nagar509235
Peddarevally B.OMahabub Nagar509408
Peddatandrapad B.OMahabub Nagar509135
Peddatandrapad B.OMahabub Nagar509126
Peddur B.OMahabub Nagar509385
Pedripadu B.OMahabub Nagar509411
Penchikalpadu B.OMahabub Nagar509132
Penimilla B.OMahabub Nagar509376
Penjerla B.OMahabub Nagar509228
Pentlavally S.OMahabub Nagar509105
Perapalla B.OMahabub Nagar509210
Perur B.OMahabub Nagar509219
Pidikiryal B.OMahabub Nagar509410
Piratvanipally B.OMahabub Nagar509376
Polepally B.OMahabub Nagar509360
Polepally B.OMahabub Nagar509301
Polepally B.OMahabub Nagar509203
Polepally B.OMahabub Nagar509350
Polisettipally B.OMahabub Nagar509376
Polkampally B.OMahabub Nagar509349
Polkampally B.OMahabub Nagar509382
Polkepahad B.OMahabub Nagar509206
Pomal B.OMahabub Nagar509202
Pomalpally B.OMahabub Nagar509202
Ponnakallu B.OMahabub Nagar509382
Poodur B.OMahabub Nagar509125
Pothepally B.OMahabub Nagar509360
Pothireddipally B.OMahabub Nagar509215
Pothreddipalli B.OMahabub Nagar509339
Pothulmadugu B.OMahabub Nagar509382
Pragatur B.OMahabub Nagar509153
Priyadarshini Juriyala Project B.OMahabub Nagar509125
Pulikallu B.OMahabub Nagar509127
Pulimamidi B.OMahabub Nagar509353
Puljal B.OMahabub Nagar509376
Puljala B.OMahabub Nagar509385
Pullur B.OMahabub Nagar509153
Pusalpahad B.OMahabub Nagar509204
Puttandoddi B.OMahabub Nagar509128
Puttapahad B.OMahabub Nagar509335
Rachala B.OMahabub Nagar509219
Rachala Pally B.OMahabub Nagar509320
Rachur B.OMahabub Nagar509320
Raghupathipeta B.OMahabub Nagar509324
Raikode B.OMahabub Nagar509353
Rajapet B.OMahabub Nagar509381
Rajapur B.OMahabub Nagar509206
Rajapur B.OMahabub Nagar509202
Rajoli S.O (Mahabub Nagar)Mahabub Nagar509126
Rakonda B.OMahabub Nagar509409
Rakonda B.OMahabub Nagar509385
Ramapuram B.OMahabub Nagar509357
Ramapuram B.OMahabub Nagar509126
Ramojipally B.OMahabub Nagar509376
Rampur B.OMahabub Nagar509353
Rampur B.OMahabub Nagar509371
Ramreddipally B.OMahabub Nagar509320
Rangapur B.OMahabub Nagar509104
Rangapur B.OMahabub Nagar509375
Rangapur B.OMahabub Nagar509349
Rangareddyguda B.OMahabub Nagar509202
Ravichedu B.OMahabub Nagar509408
Ravipakula B.OMahabub Nagar509235
Rawulapally S.OMahabub Nagar509336
Rayakal B.OMahabub Nagar509202
Rayanpet B.OMahabub Nagar509381
Rechintala B.OMahabub Nagar509131
Reddipalem B.OMahabub Nagar509325
Regadmailwar B.OMahabub Nagar509338
Rekulampalli B.OMahabub Nagar509219
Remadla B.OMahabub Nagar509206
Renwatla B.OMahabub Nagar509411
Revally B.OMahabub Nagar509235
Revally B.OMahabub Nagar509357
Rudraram B.OMahabub Nagar509336
Rudrasamudram B.OMahabub Nagar509208
Ryalam Pahad B.OMahabub Nagar509125
Salkarpet B.OMahabub Nagar509337
Sangambanda B.OMahabub Nagar509208
Sangem B.OMahabub Nagar509216
Sanginenipally B.OMahabub Nagar509105
Sankireddypally B.OMahabub Nagar509381
Santhapur B.OMahabub Nagar509408
Sarvareddypally B.OMahabub Nagar509349
Sarzakhanpet B.OMahabub Nagar509339
Satapur B.OMahabub Nagar509412
Satarla B.OMahabub Nagar509128
Satyawar B.OMahabub Nagar509208
Sawaigudem B.OMahabub Nagar509103
Seri Venkatapur B.OMahabub Nagar509371
Shadnagar S.OMahabub Nagar509216
Shagapuram B.OMahabub Nagar509120
Shaik Pally B.OMahabub Nagar509337
Shakapur B.OMahabub Nagar509104
Shantinagar B.OMahabub Nagar509126
Shapur B.OMahabub Nagar509325
Shayanpally B.OMahabub Nagar509203
Siddapur B.OMahabub Nagar509375
Siddapur B.OMahabub Nagar509228
Sindhanoor B.OMahabub Nagar509129
Singayapally B.OMahabub Nagar509206
Singotam B.OMahabub Nagar509102
Singwar B.OMahabub Nagar509152
Singwar B.OMahabub Nagar509210
Sirasanagandla B.OMahabub Nagar509324
Sirsawada B.OMahabub Nagar509209
Solipur B.OMahabub Nagar509380
Sripur B.OMahabub Nagar509235
Srirangapur B.OMahabub Nagar509410
Srirangapur S.OMahabub Nagar509120
Srisailam Dam (West) S.OMahabub Nagar509326
Stn. Jadcherla H.OMahabub Nagar509301
Sugur B.OMahabub Nagar509104
Surapuram B.OMahabub Nagar509401
Suraram B.OMahabub Nagar509371
T.D. Gutta S.OMahabub Nagar509001
Tadoor B.OMahabub Nagar509209
Tadoor B.OMahabub Nagar509376
Takkasila B.OMahabub Nagar509153
Talakondapally B.OMahabub Nagar509321
Tallapally B.OMahabub Nagar509385
Talpanoor B.OMahabub Nagar509235
Tandra B.OMahabub Nagar509324
Tangadgi B.OMahabub Nagar509352
Tangal B.OMahabub Nagar509135
Tangellapally B.OMahabub Nagar509207
Tankara B.OMahabub Nagar509334
Tarnikal B.OMahabub Nagar509320
Tatikonda B.OMahabub Nagar509382
Tatikunta B.OMahabub Nagar509127
Tatiparthy B.OMahabub Nagar509206
Tatiparthy B.OMahabub Nagar509301
Tekalkode B.OMahabub Nagar509336
Theelair B.OMahabub Nagar509351
Thelkapally S.OMahabub Nagar509385
Thimmajipet S.OMahabub Nagar509406
Thimmapur B.OMahabub Nagar509325
Thimmapur B.OMahabub Nagar509125
Thipdampally B.OMahabub Nagar509131
Thippareddypally B.OMahabub Nagar509349
Thirmalapur B.OMahabub Nagar509340
Thirumalapuram B.OMahabub Nagar509201
Thommidirekula B.OMahabub Nagar509408
Thoodukurthy S.OMahabub Nagar509235
Thotapally B.OMahabub Nagar509320
Thummala Chervu B.OMahabub Nagar509132
Thummalapally B.OMahabub Nagar509207
Thummanpet B.OMahabub Nagar509375
Tipraspalli B.OMahabub Nagar509311
Tirmalapur B.OMahabub Nagar509335
Tirumalapur B.OMahabub Nagar509210
Togapur B.OMahabub Nagar509339
Tottinon Doddi B.OMahabub Nagar509129
Town Jadcherla S.OMahabub Nagar509301
Tumkunta B.OMahabub Nagar509105
Tunkimetla B.OMahabub Nagar509338
Turkaplly B.OMahabub Nagar509201
Udamalgidda B.OMahabub Nagar509407
Udandapur B.OMahabub Nagar509128
Udimilla B.OMahabub Nagar509201
Udithyala B.OMahabub Nagar509202
Ujjali B.OMahabub Nagar509208
Ulpera B.OMahabub Nagar509349
Umapur B.OMahabub Nagar509349
Undavelly S.OMahabub Nagar509153
Undekode B.OMahabub Nagar509353
Undiyal B.OMahabub Nagar509130
Uppal B.OMahabub Nagar509135
Uppal Camp S.OMahabub Nagar509135
Uppalpahad B.OMahabub Nagar509349
Upparapally B.OMahabub Nagar509385
Uppununthala S.OMahabub Nagar509376
Urkonda B.OMahabub Nagar509320
Urkondapeta B.OMahabub Nagar509320
Utkur S.OMahabub Nagar509311
Uttanur B.OMahabub Nagar509127
Uttaraspally B.OMahabub Nagar509207
Uyyalawada B.OMahabub Nagar509209
Vaddeman B.OMahabub Nagar509215
Vadial B.OMahabub Nagar509357
Vallabhapur B.OMahabub Nagar509401
Vallur B.OMahabub Nagar509301
Vallur B.OMahabub Nagar509128
Vangoor S.OMahabub Nagar509349
Vankeswaram B.OMahabub Nagar509201
Varne B.OMahabub Nagar509219
Vasupala B.OMahabub Nagar509357
Vattem B.OMahabub Nagar509203
Vattipally B.OMahabub Nagar509412
Vatvarlapally B.OMahabub Nagar509326
Veepangandla B.OMahabub Nagar509105
Veeraipally B.OMahabub Nagar509380
Veerannapet S.OMahabub Nagar509001
Veerlapally B.OMahabub Nagar509325
Veldanda S.OMahabub Nagar509360
Velgerla B.OMahabub Nagar509216
Velgonda B.OMahabub Nagar509203
Velgonda B.OMahabub Nagar509105
Vellatur B.OMahabub Nagar509104
Veltoor B.OMahabub Nagar509376
Veltur B.OMahabub Nagar509382
Vemula B.OMahabub Nagar509128
Vemula B.OMahabub Nagar509357
Vemula B.OMahabub Nagar509380
Vemulanarva B.OMahabub Nagar509408
Venkatampally B.OMahabub Nagar509105
Venkatapur B.OMahabub Nagar509104
Venkatreddypally B.OMahabub Nagar509337
Vennacherla B.OMahabub Nagar509235
Vepur B.OMahabub Nagar509334
Vepur B.OMahabub Nagar509320
Vinjamur B.OMahabub Nagar509371
Vitalapur B.OMahabub Nagar509127
Vithalapuram B.OMahabub Nagar509336
Vittaipally B.OMahabub Nagar509321
Wadcherla B.OMahabub Nagar509338
Waddeman B.OMahabub Nagar509409
Waddepalli B.OMahabub Nagar509126
Wadwat B.OMahabub Nagar509208
Wanaparthy H.OMahabub Nagar509103
Wanapatla B.OMahabub Nagar509209
Warkur B.OMahabub Nagar509208
Wathugundla B.OMahabub Nagar509407
Yadireddypally B.OMahabub Nagar509209
Yamki B.OMahabub Nagar509130
Yanmangandla B.OMahabub Nagar509340
Yapadinne B.OMahabub Nagar509135
Yaparla B.OMahabub Nagar509104
Yapatla B.OMahabub Nagar509401
Yedira B.OMahabub Nagar509001
Yedra B.OMahabub Nagar509207
Yedula B.OMahabub Nagar509206
Yedurepally B.OMahabub Nagar509406
Yedutla B.OMahabub Nagar509206
Yelikatta B.OMahabub Nagar509410
Yelkicherla B.OMahabub Nagar509406
Yelkicherla B.OMahabub Nagar509207
Yelkur B.OMahabub Nagar509132
Yellikal B.OMahabub Nagar509324
Yellur B.OMahabub Nagar509102
Yelyal B.OMahabub Nagar509357
Yemmajipur B.OMahabub Nagar509202
Yendabetla B.OMahabub Nagar509209
Yenkipalli B.OMahabub Nagar509338
Yenmanbetla B.OMahabub Nagar509102
Yenugonda B.OMahabub Nagar509001
Yettam B.OMahabub Nagar509102

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